Equelle Hot Flash Relief

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$39.95 /month

Equelle Hot Flash Relief

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$39.95 /month
Powered by nature. Proven by science.
EQUELLE works in harmony with your body and helps to:
  • Reduce the frequency of hot flashes
  • Provide mood support
  • Relieve muscle discomfort
  • Support general well-being during menopause

No Prescription |  No Side Effects |  Hormone-free

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Menopause symptoms have met their match

Hot Flash Relief
Clinically shown to help reduce the frequency of hot flashes associated with menopause
Clinically Supported
Clinically shown to reduce the frequency of hot flashes and muscle soreness associated with menopause
Muscle Ache Relief
Clinically shown to relieve the muscle discomfort associated with menopause

Hormone-Free | Gluten-Free | Dairy-Free | Vegetarian

In her Words

“I was plagued with hot flashes every hour during the day. After taking EQUELLE..., my symptoms came almost to a stop. Best thing I ever tried.”

“EQUELLE made an enormous difference in the quality of my life! It reduced the frequency...of my hot flashes so that I was able to work, play, and sleep.”

“It really helped.”

“What a difference it made!! This is a true GODSEND!"

“It helped a lot with the unpleasant symptoms of menopause.”

The shape of relief

During the menopause transition, estrogen production begins to fluctuate and ultimately decreases. Decreased production of estrogen can cause disruptive symptoms such as hot flashes.

S-equol, a plant-based compound and EQUELLE’s active ingredient, shares a similar structure to estrogen and binds to estrogen receptors in the body. With this bond, S-equol helps alleviate hot flashes and muscle aches associated with menopause.


Tens of thousands of women trust EQUELLE for over-the-counter menopause relief

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