menopause relief.

Equelle is a revolutionary supplement, clinically shown to provide menopause support or your money back.

2 tablets, once daily, for menopause relief in 90 days or less1-3

  • Fewer
    Hot Flashes
  • More
  • Alleviates
    Mood Swings
  • Reduces
    Vaginal Symptoms
  • Relieves
    Muscle Aches
  • Supports
    Healthy Bones

A new level of menopause care

The power of S-Equol

Equelle is a game-changing supplement powered by S-equol, a plant-based metabolite that mimics the effects of estrogen to relieve the most bothersome menopausal symptoms.

We are personalized
1:1 support

Because every menopause journey is unique, our commitment extends beyond the bottle to educate and support you every step of the way.

Real results you
can trust

In randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials, women taking Equelle experienced significant improvements in menopausal symptom relief.3-5

Helping thousands of women find lasting relief

"My experience with Equelle was amazing!... the staff was so helpful and supportive in my journey especially when needing advice. Not disappointed."
Karen S., 55-59
Verified Customer
"I've taken Equelle for years and have been thrilled with the results- minimal hot flashes and better sleep to name a few."
Shawna W., 50-54
Verified Customer
"My main issue was mood swings and I am doing so much better with this product! Thank you!"
Crystal H., 40-44
Verified Customer
"I am just about to finish my second bottle and I have noticed so much of a positive change"
Nancy O., 60-64
Verified Customer
"Equelle has THE best customer service ever. I am grateful for the personalized responses I receive when I have questions about my health. Keep it up, Equelle."
Niamh M., 60-64
Verified Customer
"I love it. It really does what they say it does."
Hannah J., 50-54
Verified Customer
"I’m on my 4th month of taking Equelle and I feel more like myself..."
Camille G., 45-49
Verified Customer
"I am so happy I found Equelle...I am on my third bottle. It gradually started working but I started noticing the symptoms getting lighter around the second bottle"
Leslie H., 55-59
Verified Customer

S-Equol is backed by decades of safety & efficacy research.3,6-7

You deserve a solution that is safe, effective and grounded in science. That’s why we have over 20 years of research led by scientific experts.

Meet our panel of healthcare practitioners

"Each woman's menopause journey is so unique and I am grateful to provide support for these women as they navigate this important life change."
Heather Ott
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)
"I specialize in analyzing the scientific integrity of the ingredients we use to ensure optimum product function and efficacy. I help drive innovative solutions in women’s health pertaining to menopause."
Dr. Susan Mitmesser
PhD Nutrition Biochemistry

Our promise

We’re committed to helping you find relief – every step of the way. If Equelle doesn’t work for you, we’ll make it easy and refund you in full with our 90 day money-back guarantee.