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During menopause, estrogen production naturally fluctuates and declines over time, resulting in bothersome symptoms like hot flashes. Luckily, plant-based S-equol, the active ingredient in EQUELLE, helps bring back your balance.

S-equol is naturally derived from a plant compound and shares a similar structure to estrogen, helping to alleviate menopause symptoms associated with decreased estrogen.

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The Equelle Difference

Naturally derived relief for women

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  • Proudly Plant-Based

    Contains plant derived S-equol, clinically shown to help reduce symptoms of decreasing estrogen.

  • Hot Flash Relief

    Clinically shown to help reduce the frequency of hot flashes associated with menopause.

  • Clinically Supported

    Clinically effective and backed by more than two decades of research.

  • Muscle Ache Relief

    Clinically shown to relieve the muscle discomfort associated with menopause.

In her words

"After 6 weeks of taking EQUELLE, I really felt like a much better version of myself."

"This has been a lifesaver for me. It was like a life raft."

"It works. It's really good and I tried a lot of other stuff and it didn't work."

"You are not sweating. You're not hot flashing. You just keep going about your day."

"I took it in the morning and I took it at night, and it was easy to remember, and it really helped."

Is it Menopause?

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The menopause transition can take up to seven years. It starts with perimenopause as estrogen production begins to rise and fall unevenly and your periods become irregular. Once you’ve gone a full year without a menstrual cycle, you’ve officially hit menopause.

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Hormone-free Hot Flash Relief With Naturally Derived S-equol

Tens of thousands of women trust EQUELLE for menopause relief