Equelle Menopause Supplement Reviews

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"After 6 weeks of taking EQUELLE, I really felt like a much better version of myself."

"This has been a lifesaver for me. It was like a life raft."

"It works. It's really good and I tried a lot of other stuff and it didn't work."

"You are not sweating. You're not hot flashing. You just keep going about your day."

"I took it in the morning and I took it at night, and it was easy to remember, and it really helped."

“I was plagued with hot flashes every hour during the day. After taking EQUELLE..., my symptoms came almost to a stop. Best thing I ever tried."

“EQUELLE made an enormous difference in the quality of my life! It reduced the frequency... of my hot flashes so that I was able to work, play, and sleep."

“It really helped."

“What a difference it made!! This is a true GODSEND!”

“This product was amazing. I tried homeopathic remedies and prescriptions, even compound pharmacies, and nothing worked as well as this product."

Reviews of Equelle Hot Flash Relief

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Hot Flash Relief With Naturally Derived S-equol

Tens of thousands of women trust EQUELLE for over-the-counter menopause relief