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Discover which stage of menopause you're in and understand your symptoms by answering a few quick questions.

This assessment is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Consult your healthcare professional with any questions regarding a medical condition.

Please select a birth month and year.

When were you born?

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Please select an answer.

Which describes your periods?

Regular periods
I haven't noticed any changes in the duration, flow, symptoms, or timing of my menstrual cycle

Irregular periods
I have noticed changes in the duration, flow, symptoms, or timing of my menstrual cycle

No periods

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Please select an answer.

Have your periods stopped due to any of the following?

Surgical removal of the ovaries

Chemotherapy or radiation damage to the ovaries

Use of other medications to intentionally induce menopause as part of the treatment of certain diseases

None of the above

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Please select an answer.

How long have you gone between periods?

Less than 2 Months

Between 2 & 12 Months

12 Months

Greater than 12 Months

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Which symptoms are you experiencing?

Please check all that apply...
(and accept our sympathies).

Hot Flashes

Mood Changes

Vaginal Health Changes

Skin/Hair Changes

Tiredness/Less Energy

Sleep Disturbances

Night Sweats

Forgetfulness/Can't Concentrate

Muscle Aches & Joint Pain

Weight Gain


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