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When it comes to menopause, you’re not alone. Each day in the U.S., 6,000 women reach this major natural life stage.* And each woman has a different story to tell. An open dialogue about menopause opens up possibilities for all women to live fulfilling, vibrant lives during this transition. Let’s start the conversation now.

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Kate Walsh | @KateWalsh

I was 39 years old when my older sister called to tell me that she was going through early menopause. She told me to go to the doctor to get checked, and I told her she was crazy –but scheduled my appointment anyways, just to be safe. I was shocked when the doctor shared that I was going through early menopause as well…Then the symptoms really hit, from hot flashes to mood swings, it was like a rollercoaster between managing my menopause symptoms and working crazy hours between shows.

After doing my own research, I was surprised to find that there was a lack of conversation around menopause. We talk about nearly every stage of womanhood, from puberty to having a baby to growing old, but we don’t talk about menopause. Menopause has never been something I’ve been afraid of – in fact, I believe I’m thriving in the face of it. I’m living my best life, and it all goes to show that menopause doesn’t have to be this ominous, scary experience. As it turns out, I’ve become the “menopause maven” among my friends – they all call me with every question you can possibly imagine. I love being a resource for my friends, but the conversation should expand outside the walls of my network. Menopause is not a haunted house that women need to navigate alone.

The opportunity to modernize the menopause conversation was exactly why I was excited to join EQUELLE in their mission to inspire women to be and feel their best through the transition. Millions of women go through it, and we’re all allies in this journey – why not tell our stories and learn from one other?

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Sarah G. | @JetSetSarah

So here’s a funny story: I was on assignment in St. Kitts for work a few years ago. I remember in the middle of the night waking up feeling really hot. But I just assumed there’d been a power cut (a common Caribbean occurrence) and the generator hadn’t kicked in. Minutes later (presumably when the a/c came back on) I felt cold, pulled up the covers, and went back to sleep.

This happened several times, and always at various Caribbean resorts I’d be staying in for work. I’d wake up hot, roll my eyes at the inefficiency of island power companies, and eventually fall asleep again when the a/c resumed. But then one day, it happened while I was sleeping at home in Miami, where I KNEW the a/c worked just fine. And that’s when, after almost a year, I finally realized: I’d been having hot flashes...

Lorraine L. | @Lorrainecladish

I am fortunate that I did not experience menopause symptoms until I was 51. When they started, though, it was tough. They hit me hard. Extreme fatigue - bone crushing fatigue - insomnia, night-sweats, hot flashes, anxiety, panic attacks, mood swings, vaginal dryness, palpitations, you name it. I could not believe just how crippling these symptoms felt.

I’d never really had a bad experience with monthly periods, so I was surprised and shocked at how hard menopause symptoms hit me. I know it’s not so for every woman, and that’s great, but for those of us who suffer from more severe symptoms, it’s hard...

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