7 Reasons Why Menopause Is A Gift

7 Reasons Why Menopause Is A Gift

It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of the holiday season with all of the parties, gift shopping, and family functions. But it’s important to also find time to slow down, reflect on the year we’ve had, and take some time for ourselves. In many ways, menopause is a gift—although it may not always feel that way. And whether you’re just starting to experience menopausal symptoms, or you’ve been working through them for years, sometimes it helps to remember all of the unexpected benefits this new season of life may bring.

1. Enjoying sex without fear of pregnancy

It’s still possible to get pregnant during perimenopause (the years leading up to a full year from your last period). For most, the post-menopausal years ushers in what should be a whole new era of our sexual lives—a time when we can enjoy sex without the fear of getting pregnant. Many women do experience vaginal dryness during this time, so it can also be thought of as an opportunity to find new ways of enjoying intimacy.

2. Kissing your cramps goodbye

This is possibly one of the most talked-about benefits of menopause and we can all relate. No more surprises in the middle of meetings, or sudden rushes of pain during rush hour. Even if you’re one of the lucky women who’s learned to embrace her monthly cycle, it’s hard not to look forward to a time when we aren’t hunting for sole pads stuck to the back of a glove compartment.

3. Bonding moments abound

Talk about an opportunity to bond. There are few things all women experience in life and menopause is one of them. This can be a great excuse to expand your friend circle by seeking out other women’s advice who’ve gone through this change too. Schedule weekly lunches with your friends or join a new group online to talk about what this new stage of life means for you. Listening to others’ stories can be a humbling and educational experience.

4. Entering the cultural zeitgeist

Perhaps more now than at any other period of time, women are talking openly about their sexual, emotional, and mental health (including some of our favorite celebrities and CEOs). While menopause might have gone relatively unnoticed by pop culture for years, that’s changing pretty rapidly. Data suggests there will be over 1 billion women entering menopause by 2025.1 With numbers like that, the conversation around embracing this change is already happening—and we get to be a part of it all.

5. Becoming your best self

Lowered estrogen levels can lead to some serious self-introspection. Many of the qualifying attributes society says define us as women tend to shift and morph during this time. This can be jarring at first, but it can also be liberating. If there are parts of ourselves, we’ve always wanted to evolve, menopause can be the time to do it. Periods aren’t holding you back anymore. It’s a time to not just dream, but also to become the person we’ve always wanted to be and look for opportunities to continue to grow even more.

6. Taking stock of it all

We’ve been through a lot, haven’t we? Life throws us curveballs and often takes us for surprising rides. Many women find they know themselves better during menopause than ever before. This is often seen as a time to look back on everything you’ve been through, and the many opportunities that still lie ahead.

7. Sharing your experiences

Sure, menopause presents its issues as well, and for some women, this period is incredibly stressful. Even if your symptoms feel sometimes unbearable, it’s important to share those stories with our loved ones, friends, online communities, and especially our doctors. Opening up about your experiences might not only inspire those around you and lead to new solutions but also can help you remember that you are not alone.



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